About Sushic

About Sushic

Our success-driven management skills have been proven over
the years to surpass our clientele’s expectations

We are Sushic

Sushic specializes in creating and supporting dedicated and profitable food service operations within retail establishments. Our program has been proven to increase sales, reduce subsidy, and increase overall customer satisfaction.


Make sushi a premere destination for different, fresh flavors.

Mission Statement

We strive to make fresh and delicious sushi everyday while delivering unsurpassed customer service to our clients and customers.

3 Key Ingredients for Success

It takes a great team, right location and efficient operations to make a successful sushi program.

  • Team

    Our success starts with our team.

    Our success starts with people.

    Our partners are passionate small business owners who are trained and supported by our management team. We believe partnering with hard working people is critical to our overall success.

  • Location

    Store and sushi bar is critical to our overall success.

    Store/sushi bar location and revenue persquare foot is critical to our overall success.

    There is a direct relationship between location and revenue. With careful planning, we can maximize revenue based on the location of the sushi bar.

  • Operational

    Operational excellence starts with strong support structure.

    Operational excellence starts with strong support structure

    Regional Supervisors play a key role in daily operational tasks. They give us the necessary field support to maintain effective and clear communication channels between us, our partners, and our clients.

As simple as these key points may seem individually, together they are a powerful and proven recipe for a sussessful sushi program. They form the basis of our culture.